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Steven, geamikoj, 
Mi vidis cxi-tion antauxe kaj ankaux la tagon antaux la Veterana Tago, sed forgesis pri tio, merkrede. 
Do pensis ke vendredo, tio estas hodiaux, estus bone, sed, bedauxrinde, mi havas devon hodiaux posttagmeze kaj vespere. 
Gxis la proksima fojo. 

PS. Cxu Sebastian aux Julie havas intereson je kio, tion skribas Steven pri sia video-plano. 
Korajn salutojn! 

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On Dec 2, 2015, I'm planning to reserve the studio at Amherst Media to 
shoot a television show in Esperanto. The studio setup works well with 
one interviewer and two other people. Would two other people be willing 
to help me with the program? 

My idea is to have a discussion in Esperanto that I will subsequently 
subtitle in English. 

If more than two want (are willing) to participate, we could switch off 
between guests partway through. Or we could schedule a subsequent program. 

I'd like to think of this as a trial run of doing something like this 
perhaps monthly or quarterly. 

For the first one, I was thinking of doing as video to support the 
#EsperantoLives project that wanted people to talk about why they 
learned Esperanto. 

For future episodes, I thought we could come up with topics like "going 
ot the Universala Kongreso" or "what is Esperanto culture?" 

This Wednesday is Veteran's Day. I could meet to talk about developing 
this project further -- kaj aliaj bagatelaĵoj. :-) 


Steven D. BREWER <sbrewer at bio.umass.edu> 
Senior Lecturer II; Director, Biology Computer Resource Center 
Eĉ por plej terura tago venas vespero. 
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