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Steven Brewer limako at bierfaristo.com
Sun Aug 20 08:27:28 PDT 2017

I've redirected back to the list. Hope that's OK. I've tried to answer
all your questions.

I would be happy for a group to reform.  I've just been too
passive-aggressive to invest much effort in it. Sebastian called
meetings for a while.  Let's try to get something going for the fall.

Here's a page with info about UK 2018:

2020 will be in Montreal! Everyone here should agree to be co-organizers
and sign up to help with some part of it.  I expect there will be
discussions about it at ARE. Are you coming to ARE this year?

I am a member of UEA, but I don't get Esperanto-revuo on paper. I could
share the PDFs with you.

Yes, you are crazy: You're an Esperanto-speaker.

I'm willing meet pretty much anywhere. Either of your suggestions is OK,
although Vespa seems expensive for what you get. There is another new
Himalayan restaurant in Amherst called Momos that has some weird and
delicious food. I'm also willing to come over to Northampton. Sams is
easy. Or the Brewery. Or Sierra Grille, if we want to spend that much.

On 8/19/17 2:20 PM, JULIE WINBERG wrote:
> Is there any likelihood of a group reforming?  I'd be interested in
> getting together again, coming out of my anti-esperanto mode, thinking
> of Portugal, can't find the dates anywhere.  Etc.  What's happening?
>  Are you around?
> I'm here, busy but not traveling, so could meet at some point.  
> Are you a member of UEA?  If so, could I borrow the magazines for the
> last couple of months?  am I crazy?
> We could meet sometime at the place outside Amherst Cinema or at Not-Hangar?
> julie

Steven D. BREWER <limako at bierfaristo.com>
Eĉ najtingalo ne estas sen galo.

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